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IDN - Vision
IDN - Vision

IDN – Vision | Ethereal Daze

IDN or Iden Mozafari is an Iranian American singer-songwriter and music producer based in Los Angeles. Inspired by his love for video games, psychedelia, sci-fi, and arts like graphic design and painting, his music features unique combinations of them. Loaded with perspectives and dimensions, Vision by IDN is here to fulfill all your transcendental music needs.

Spiraling hypnotic synths draw us into the song before erupting into dreamy vocal blossoms that breeze through the soundscape. The innumerable synth layers and textures bleed into each other to create living and moving melody patterns. The alternating vocal textures further fragment the song into multiple houses of illusion.

The kaleidoscopic track reveals a whole new dimension every time you listen to it. With synth ripples lined with oozing velvet warm melodies and contrasted with chaotic sonic glimmers, the song contains a world within itself. Using varying beat tempos to expand and contract the melodies, the artist convolutes and bends our reality and showers us with glittering illusions.

We also see charming baritone ad-libs sprinkled across the track that further add depth to the song. The mind-bending flows with the rhythm and force of smooth pandemonium. Slow waves of hypnotic melody lap gently at the shores of your mind and drags you away with its transcendental current. With an ethereal daze, we find ourselves dissolving into the track’s sparkling canvass.

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IDN – Vision

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