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Dylan Tauber – The Lagoon | Ambient Psytrance

Israeli producer and songwriter Dylan Tauber recently dropped his second album for the year titled “The Lagoon” – a 12 track ambient electro project made for the dance floor. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dylan’s work, he is an award winning electronic musician, cyberartist, photographer and writer who has been in the game since 1996. Following the successful release of his 14th album “He Loves Carmen” in April 2022, the fans were craving for more music and Dylan delivered! “The Lagoon” takes you back to the 2000s with its trance melodies and flawless production.

“The Lagoon” Album Tracklist

The album opens the chill warm-up track called Please Stay. Soft electro beats and soothing vocal runs give it a free and optimistic vibe, just like the album cover. With its minimalistic yet effective production, this track will sound fairly familiar to those have heard Dylan’s records. Also, I say warm-up only because this track acts like a kind of a teaser for what’s to come – a journey through trance soundscapes embellished with satisfying drops!

Moving on to a slightly more upbeat track featuring Ukrainian artist Anastasia Derkach’s vocals, titled, Dance for Me.Anastasia has done most the vocals on this album, and I must say, her performance is truly captivating. Her melodies carry the groove of the track quite well as she’s accompanied by light synth arpeggios and a bouncy bassline throughout. The consistent kick drum gels well with the groove and the album slowly starts to build character.

The next track on the list is Cyber Spirit. Aptly titled, the outerspacey, distorted synth arp creates a somewhat dark atmosphere that’s balanced excellently by the ethereal elements here. At this point in a festival rave set, the crowd would really get into it!

Track four, Walk With Me is a nice change of pace compared to what we’ve heard so far. Featuring bright synth strings and a fresh beat, that’s more hip-hop than electronica, it feels like something to you’d bop your head to instantly. Without Anastasia’s vocals to drive the groove, the producer continues to keep things minimalistic and focuses smooth transitions and effective drops on this one.

Dylan sure knows how to keep his crowd on their feet, because this next track is a banger! Immortal is an upbeat trance song that’s melodically strong and has a lot more character than the rest of the tracks so far. With its memorable vocals lines and addictive rhythms, it’ll be hard to get this one out of your head!

Don’t Let Go stays in line with the previous banger, almost plays as a continuation of Immortal. Decorated with big synths and layers of ethereal vocals, the build-up is emotional and suits the lyrics well. Vocalist Mona Roselianne takes centre stage on this one – “I’ve been the hardest to love my biggest mistake / Promise I’ll treat you better / I’ve been the hardest to love look into my eyes feel me boy, don’t let go”. What’s great about Dylan’s synths here is the mixing; super clean and not overpowering at all.

Title track The Lagoon is a culmination of the sounds of this album so far. The soundscape is enriched with smooth strings and Anastasia’s voice right from the start – “Swim with dolphins in the depth / This feels like fairytale / Lagoon kisses golden sands / Loosing mind in magic land / Touch of heaven”. I like how the lyrics go with the album art, the journey so far sure does feel like a fairytale!

Track eight I’m Your Angel has catchy melodies that can be best described as mystic. With Dylan’s favourite synth strings and minimalistic beats to accompany the vocals, this track has a somewhat psychedelic feel to it. Possibly a smooth transition for the next track?

Heaven on Earth is exactly what this album needed – an anthem. The psytrance beat driven by the deep kick, bass rhythm and heavy synthesizers play below Mona’s vocals throughout this track. Her melody sits on a bed of vocals and shine through in this one. “I keep on I keep on falling for you / Have I told you, you’re my heaven on earth / I leave all I leave all my belongings / I have nothing that I want more.”

I really like how the last few tracks the beat changes up while keeping the vocals smooth and playful. Hold My Hand is another solid psytrance track that’s perfect for the dancefloor featuring Mona’s beautiful vocals and emotive lyricsm. Dylan’s collaboration with these two vocalists shows how versatile he is as a producer; a top-notch record!

We’re nearing the end of the album with the second last track– The Mermaid, an instrumental interlude/outro that the dancefloor needs in their cooldown session. With a duration 2:06, it is the shortest track of the album, and it fades away the magic of The Lagoon brilliantly.

The album ends with Light Warrior, a remix of the original track from Dylan’s previous album – He Loves Carmen. A solid remix that the fans will definitely love to hear after these wonderful songs!

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