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Cynthia Hamar- Light A Fire
Cynthia Hamar- Light A Fire
Cynthia Hamar- Light A Fire

Cynthia Hamar- Light A Fire | Come together

Cynthia Hamar can hold court. The mystique behind her voice should be enough, but it is more than that. It is what she chooses to sing about, the mastery in her delivery. Being a musician on wheels, she allows those experiences to narrate a whole new world to her. From her eyes, this is Light A Fire.

What starts out as a raspy introduction to Red Dirt or an Americana with Blues incursion, becomes an entertaining 5 minutes or so. With an acoustic instrument and her vocals under the spotlight, Cynthia has the range of Janis Joplin yet carries the charisma of Nancy Wilson. Showing tenacity in her modulation and accents highlighting the instrumental as well as her voice, she takes us on a mesmerizing journey. This eventually turns into a reggae beat, with flourishes and class harmonizing. Exciting and creative-showing lessons and virtuosic patience in her performance.

Cynthia Hamar has released three studio albums and is constantly touring. Her love for music has not only allowed her to travel Canada, her motherland- but to do so with the purpose of performing music. She has been involved on the album The Son & I with her son, Zadok, and continues to turn to music during pivotal moments of her life. As it is the adhesive that brings us all together, let’s celebrate with her single.

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