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Chris D' Agostino- Don't Mind the Rain
Chris D' Agostino- Don't Mind the Rain
Chris D' Agostino- Don't Mind the Rain

Chris D’Agostino- Don’t Mind the Rain | Stage busker

With anything in music, a lot of the tale is told without words. Especially in a media rich world, it is exciting to imagine. So when I close my eyes and listen to Chris D’Agostino, I know a song based on feel would have been typecast almost perfectly. Don’t Mind the Rain is his latest single, a new touch from an experimenting artist.

His 2020 single, Feels Like Summer was the essential radio summer hit from an indie artist. Playful and light, it had a good bounce on the beat and his hypnotizing voice. Chris takes on another role here, his voice adjusting to a Sinatra style casino singer in ways. Part acoustic and part shuffle, the simple legato style of music is a rare feat to achieve given the voice constraints. Chris D’Agostino seems to glide by with moments that focus on his vocals-showing us how much in control of his pipes he is.

Hailing from Boston, this solo artist is ready to put out polished pieces of museum art. Adept at the piano and guitar, he knows how to tweak each to his voice and vice-versa. I’m excited to see if he has an album on the way, and the kind of styles he would be exploring. Until then, lay on the grass at your nearest picnic spot and listen to Chris D’Agostino. And remember, don’t mind the rain.

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