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Ruiz! – 5 Seconds | Ticking Hands

Ruiz!, a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, has released a new song called ‘5 Seconds‘, which discusses some profound thoughts. The song accurately portrays the face and phases of shackles we encounter through our path in life. He writes about his observations in an unusual way that demonstrates his lucidity in his ideas. As we curiously follow the words in the song, the emotions have the perfect impact. The song takes you on a journey of self-discovery and reflection, which requires a lot of guts to get through the obstacles. We find the necessary energy to combat them, and this piece specifically equips us to truly resist the severe scrapes on our joyous trip through life’s phases.

The arrangement has an intriguing mix of musical instruments, including a sitar, toy piano sound-alike keys, and other subtle components. The bass is strong and well-played in the tune, while the drums provide excellent accompaniment. The melody, in my opinion, becomes a tad linear over time. It is, nonetheless, well-balanced, with adequate solo passages and pauses between the lines. The vocal performance has also gained a remarkable level of consistency. Overall, I believe the song conveyed its message effectively. However, a few more colours would have improved the emotional connection to the piece. The pulse is kept up throughout, which will pique the interest of many interested ears. I’m hoping that the track reaches a bigger audience of listeners across genres.

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