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Vana Liya(with Pepper)-Round n Round
Vana Liya(with Pepper)-Round n Round
Vana Liya(with Pepper)-Round n Round

Vana Liya(with Pepper)-Round n Round | Surf

Often, I have struggled to find good tracks to listen to at the beach. Though I may not remember how it looked, I remember searching for that perfect ‘beach vibe’. The song must be equal parts mellow & equal upbeat. It should have gentle instruments that sound like the waves. Welcome to your playlist, Vana Liya & Pepper.

Vana Liya & Pepper conjure a great beach cocktail with their track Round n Round. Banking on the crafty yet psychedelic sound of reggae, they channel UB40 & the iconic due of Sly & Robbie to make a trippy hit. As the song is gentle & layers Vana Liya’s soft vocals over the magic of acoustic, Pepper joins the group to sustain the high.

The chorus is especially a roundabout, which plays in the mind even after the song is over. As it settles like seashells on the beach, each section is a discovery of the same vibe in different tones. It is rejuvenating & enjoyable, a track truly meant for you to stay on a loop, outside your boring everyday routine.

Vana Liya is on a hot streak with her other singles as well, Feelin’ Good & Come Away. Club them with this track if you want to really surf on this sonic high.

This is a track that can not only put me in a great mood in the morning, but has all the makings for that song we desperately search for in the beach. Surfing on the solid surfboard of reggae, Vana Liya & Pepper create a song that is worth putting on a record. Why? Cause it goes round n round.

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