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Alas de Liona-Pages
Alas de Liona-Pages
Alas de Liona-Pages

Alas de Liona-Pages | Ruminate

Inspiration strikes when one is in a state of balance, where the creative is piqued by a particular moment. We might hunt for the right state of flow- many turn to music to do this. Alas de Liona might have the cadence for your latest artistic endeavor with her single- Pages.

Superimposing synth heavy melodies on a tight drum track, the track levitates on planes that can’t be translated on pages. With the other tracks on her EP Radio Astronomy, Pages allows the listener to grasp at the intangible, while inspirational lyrics push for introspective drive and change within. Captivating chord changes with Phoebe Bridger style vocals- delightful.

Alas de Liona seems to cascade between niches of falsetto and a quavering yet opulent voice graces your ears in the duration of this song. Making music in Edinburgh, Scotland- the California desert locals diverse experiences are fluidly threaded into the song, making it a worthy contender for one of the best tracks of her album.

Neil Peart once famously said, “From the point of ignition. To the final drive. The point of the journey is not to arrive.” Emulating the same message, it is necessary to note that to get the right sentence, one must have to write pages. The magic contained is not in the sentence that is perfected, but your change in the state of mind to get there.

Now I must be clear. I don’t usually write profound sentences like what you just read. Alas de Liona’s Pages has the message that translated to that fantastic paragraph above. It wasn’t fabricated out of thin air, it’s the result of pages I once wrote. Kudos to de Liona for facilitating change.

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