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xskarma - Judgement Day | Exquisite
xskarma - Judgement Day | Exquisite

xskarma – Judgement Day | Exquisite

Xskarma is a songwriter, producer, and drummer from the UK and is known for his one-of-a-kind musical flairs. This time, he collaborated with Frannie B, another ardent and extremely talented artist with a beautiful voice. 

Their song is called Judgement Day, a vividly euphoric yet poignant number, which is perfect to get you in a great mood. You would be surprised by the tenderness in the soundscapes that the song carries. With extremely magnificent and intricately woven sounds, you get to experience a magical phenomenon, as if you are living a dream. The sounds are complex yet the way they have been presented sounds extremely effortless and luscious, lucidly displaying their glory quite gracefully. You would want to surrender to the soundscapes and let them unfurl their magic bit by bit for you to fully immerse yourself into them. The song is anything but simple, an artistic classic. Something that will sound beautiful on a long lonesome walk or a car drive where you just want to feel the fun of everything to its maximum potential. You would want to listen to the track, again and again, to make sure that you don’t miss out on everything that the song has to offer. Even though the song is not completely catchy, its fun is unraveled when you listen to it on a loop so that every flavor is devoured to the fullest and you get nothing but the best out of it. 

It is a song you shouldn’t miss!

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