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Sammy Smash-Make Dat Money
Sammy Smash-Make Dat Money
Sammy Smash-Make Dat Money

Sammy Smash-Make Dat Money | Draw it In

Sammy Smash has had a truly R&B, soul and hip-hop upbringing. Born during a time when political and social layers were merging with hip-hop, Sammy has seen the flowering of one of the most, if not the most powerful genres that music has ever seen. With a wide ranging sound and being featured in several events and screenings, Sammy Smash is back for another round to begin this year. This is Make Dat Money.

Something you can always expect from a Sammy Smash song is a solid, resounding beat. Shifting away from traditional beats that dominated the 4/4 rap decade before. His quick wordings are laid out with laser precision. Make Dat Money follows 2021’s singles Mack Like Dat, Bounce Vibe and Hold On. Sammy has been on a roll for the past year, with catchy tracks and solid beats to loop in your playlist.

His 2018 album All Parts of Me, had 10 great tracks with lyrical proficiency. Intriguing beats and an atmosphere he has created which people would slay for in this business. Sammy Smash has been on a hustle since then, producing and creating tracks with passion and a fire that has taken him to places and promises to glide him to more.

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