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Neave Marr - Diary Thoughts
Neave Marr - Diary Thoughts

Neave Marr – Diary Thoughts | Dynamic

Neave Marr is an R&B and Pop artist who is rising through the ranks. Having dedicated herself to her music, Neave has said that she is willing to do anything to make it work. Working off of the success of her first two singles, Oh Boy and Lie To Me, Neave has since released her debut album, Diary Thoughts, featuring both tracks. With a runtime of just 20 minutes, Diary Thoughts showcases Neave’s dynamism and versatility as a musician.

We begin the album with Oh Boy, a track that uses smooth synths, and licky basslines in accordance with Neave’s seductive vocals. The track has some really deep 808s, and interesting snaps to add to the percussion. I find the synths are used minimally to create a diversion for when the bass kicks in with a brilliant riff. The lyrics are bold and encapsulate the image of Neave Marr. The next track, Lie To Me uses a similar format, but is a little darker. I find the timbre, while upbeat, still has some provocative undertones. It’s possible that the mood is set through the lyrics as well – talking about a toxic relationship. The tracks are a brilliant intro to the album. They pave the way for what to expect.

Speaking of, when we move into the next track, Without You, we are met by a sadder vocal intro. However, we break into a pretty upbeat and Pop-filled chorus. The vocalising creates a fuller atmosphere that gives you a warm feeling. Neave Marr expresses a raw, emotional side in Without You – showing her dependence on a former partner. But, the beat keeps things so lively, it’s almost like you’re being distracted from the pain. Once we move into Liar, the darkness looms over. With deep, heavy beats, Liar is an aggressive track. It’s a catchy tune, though. Makes me feel like I want to empower myself.

Comparisons is yet another track that speaks from the heart. Neave Marr talks about what it is like to be compared to someone else. It is a track that starts sombre. As it progresses, the track gets gloomier and I absolutely love the quantized bits of backing vocals. The drums have a much more classic feel to them. I find the piano, as minimalistic as ever, is perfect for the track. It sounds like a brilliantly made experimental track. The next track, Trust Nobody, is a lot gloomier. The bassline keeps the groove as the drums carry the song forward. Neave Marr shows a great sense of lyrical rhythm. The song keeps the experimental work flowing. The bridge seems to break a little into rock territory.

Boy I Built is the final track on the album. This track seems to be even more angry and personal. With a load of distortion and hard-hitting beats, the track moves far into alternative rock territory. The track showcases a grungier sound that Neave Marr absolutely slays.

Want to know more about Neave? Read on below for an interview that we managed to get with her!

What led you towards music?

As a young girl I was a massive fan of Hannah Montana and I constantly watched the show, I remember wanting to be just like her, I even got given a wig and microphone of hers for my birthday one year. I would always run about my house singing along pretending I was her. I also remember seeing Michael Jackson on the tv when I was younger and thinking he was super cool and his performances gave me so much joy.

Can you name a few albums that have inspired your journey?

Fine Line by Harry Styles is an album I listen to constantly, It’s so beautifully written and unique it’s my favourite album of all time Also High Expectations by Mabel Mcvey is an album that inspires me, I love how it tells a story from start to finish and begins with an intro and ends with an outro.

With two singles and an album out so far, what’s your next step forward?

Since releasing my EP I have none stop been writing music, I’ve recorded and finished a couple of songs since and I have a collab coming out VERY soon! Alongside another single from myself before I do another project like an EP or mixtape.

Do you have any live gigs lined up? Can you tell us about them?

I did a show a couple of Saturdays ago and the venue wants me back, this is in the middle of being arranged! I also have a few support act shows lined up which I can’t announce just yet but that’s super exciting!!

What’s the most difficult obstacle you’ve had to overcome in your career so far?

I definitely think the industry could be lonely sometimes and it’s also very hard to get a few people to believe in you, I feel like a lot of people brush it off and think it’s a joke because every wants to make music so sometimes it’s hard to get peopleto listen.

Can you tell us a little more about this album, Diary Thoughts?

Diary Thoughts is my first big project. I wanted it to be a feel-good EP that was chill but you could also hit a boogie too as well! I also wanted to make some of the songs simple, sometimes I feel like we overcomplicate songs and I just wanted it to be how it sounds, fun! It’s just also about me finding who I am within the music, I feel like most songs on the EP take a different direction than what the one before did, which I love! It’s really about some experiences I’ve been through, some of them are expanded and over dramatised but it’s definitely a project close to my heart.

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