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LAVENDER HONEY has released a new song called ‘NEED YOUR LOVE,’ which is simply stunning in terms of how it makes you feel and the musical space created by the synthesisers. The composition expresses his personal anguish and difficulties in a relationship that is undergoing a difficult period. The words and phrases are straightforward and easy, which is a good indicator that the listeners will keep the song in their heads. Furthermore, how passionately the vocals are delivered is an aspect of the vocal performance that greatly contributes to the song’s atmosphere. The rendition featured those tiny subtleties that added to the dynamics of the song significantly.

Talking about the song’s soundscapes is incredibly impressive. The music took its time building up to the vocal portions, which worked effectively to establish the premise, and by the time the vocals came in, we were already familiar with the place. Slowly, the mood engulfs you, and the textures engulf you within this alternate universe. The vocal harmonies greatly reinforce the central melody, ensuring that the vocal melody remains clear despite the various layers. The music flows well and easily changes between verses, resulting in a very seamless experience. I believe the music would appeal to a wide range of listeners. The phrases are relatable, which makes it easier for listeners to engage.

LAVENDER HONEY also talked about her experiences while working on the track, as well as some intriguing tidbits about the process.

1. How do you go about writing your tracks in general? Where did the concept for your tunes come from?

Generally I don’t have an idea in mind when I start writing. I’m normally messing around on the guitar or piano and it sort of just comes together. I get an idea often from a mistake or weird chord shape, lay  it down, and then start layering other parts with it. It’s very  impulsive.

The concepts musically is also not planned. I just write what comes in  the moment. Lyrically it depends on what I feel like sharing through each song.

2. The production offers a wide range of features that are really pleasing to the ear. What are the processes through which such ideas are incorporated? Are these natural occurrences or do they necessitate intentional effort?

Thanks so much! Normally I’ll start with guitar or keys and lay the structure of the chords and  and then next i’ll add bass and drums. After that, I normally lay out the progression and then lastly move to  lyrics, vocal melody, and vocals. At that point I generally try to throw in some ear candy and then it’s onto mixing and mastering.

3. Were there any difficulties in putting this track together layer by layer? How were your sessions?

Truthfully the mix was the most challenging. I had to find a compromise on the track. I wrote the track in August 2020.

The first session was writing the instrumental. The second session was lyrics and vocals. And the third and final one was me adding the electric guitar that starts in the 2nd verse.

4. Is there anything specific you’d like to point out to the listeners about the song?

I hope the lyrics encourage and connect with you!

5. So, what’s up next? Would you like to provide us any more information on the upcoming pieces?

I’m hoping to release a song a month in 2022! My next song will be releasing for sure on February 18th though. This one is a little more lofi/tame impala type vibe. It’s a special one!

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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