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Aggressive Soccer Moms - QUINT
Aggressive Soccer Moms - QUINT

Aggressive Soccer Moms – QUINT

The Swedish, Lo-Fi Post Punk duo, Aggressive Soccer Moms strike again. This time, it is a nine-track album called QUINT, featuring two previously released singles, Darling and That’s How I Feel. Formed in 2017, Anders Bergström and Thomas Wahlström combine their punk expertise to create and conceptualize absurdism. Informed by momentous evolutions, all songs and lyrics are written by the artists. 

Silent Revolution opens the album with a miasma of jazzy trumpet melodies. Edged by intense sound points and dark electronica, it carries the seriousness and unrelenting spirit of revolutionaries. Monotonal vocals with emotional inflections guide the mercurial melodies of the song. The easiest way to describe the next song, Call Her Happy, is as the dark underbelly of pop songs. Its bright synths are marred by the tense atmosphere created by the piano melodies. This duality is reflected even in the song’s jazz interludes as the melodies form an arc of mellifluous dissonance. 

That’s How I Feel is delightfully awry. With tepid flows and cool beats, its moorish soundscape draws us into the folds of its hypnotic mystery. Darling depicts a tortured mind, a story of haunted love. The unfiltered horror and pain underlie the squawking synths that punctuate the bassline. Its vivid textures force us to confront the experience that the artists portray. 

Like Columbus opens with an electric guitar conversation. Their straight lines seemingly bounce off a reflective surface, to form a layer of echo. A flowering trumpet arrangement overlays it, branching into melodic wonders. A changing mosaic of these pallets form the backdrop to the distinctive vocals of this duo. In The Doppler Effect, the artists leverage the workings of the principle to foretell an emotional disaster. Revolving around abandonment and break-up, its dissonant frequencies and basal textures is a dark prophecy that you want to take seriously. 

Why is a spiraling chaos, swallowing us into its whirlpool of phenomenal despondency. It is the cry of a shattered mind, Why? A betrayed soul, Why? Of the heart broken, Why? The sick, the lonely, the poor, the rich, the childless, the unemployed, Why? This powerful question aimed at the disembodied Supreme machination – destiny, fate, God, etc,. captures a universal sentiment that we have all harbored at some point.

Strange Danger is a three-pronged sound. Gilding bass, soprano trumpet, and bass trumpet. Their sounds are distinct and united at the same time. Concluding the album is Who Would Ask. Oozing with a slow jazz ambience, the existential strain is fleshed out with deep piano melodies and speaking vocals. It preaches, enlightens, empathizes, and understands all at once like a messiah. 

The album is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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