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Piano Prince-Memory Lane
Piano Prince-Memory Lane
Piano Prince-Memory Lane

Piano Prince-Memory Lane | In suspended abstraction

It is more than possible that the Piano Prince sees the world in more than black and white. They know that the colour comes from them, so every moment is a reel just waiting to be formed into reality. Their latest album is Memory Lane, a collection of exquisite musicianship from a talented artist. Let’s see why this checks so many boxes.

The prologue is enough of a fictional world to delve into. With gentle playing and calculated pauses, it is a manifestation of a world that is beyond the known to us humans. Like the fantastic depths of Neverland, Piano Prince wants to take us along, holding the keys to all the octaves.

Soaring has to mimic the objective action of flight. With suspense created in the opening, the lead plays as an isolated creation. Their choice of notes is playful, yet creates a flutter of doubt, whether flight onwards and upwards is possible. Through a glowing rhythm section, we understand the world with the purpose of this being, who is the protagonist of this very song. Emotional-joyous yet entertaining, with a lot of flourishes.

Piano Prince then shows us Firefly, their next track. It is a much more intense track in terms of the density of notes. The volume of fireflies is felt, creating a dense atmosphere of notes, which eventually become part of your thought train. The build is the song itself, which creates the pristine background for the fireflies to take flight. A splendid track performed with elegance. Solitude inculcates the ambience of the rain. The petrichor can be tasted, as an individual sitting in thought. Using a sparse section of notes, Piano Prince creates the virtual image of a clock ticking, through their instrument. As notes come in, they do so with purpose, a thought, a change that might have occurred.

As we progress, we hear Craving You, another track that delivers on the feeling that it has been titled with. The gentle, resonating single note creates the formwork for the rest of the track to create the populated lead that is so addictive to listen to. Piano Prince is not complicating sections of music just because they can play. They create moods, and melodies-things that will stay with the listener because of the caustic effect it has had on them.

Playing With You is a moment of respite, disguised as an experience. You dive deeper into this world you only wish was real. There is a positive joy in this track, though it plays on the threshold of what this sound might feel like. It is much more meditative, something that is a visible trait from Piano Prince. The urgency is palpable in fractions, the space is absorbed in the others. It is a fantastic cloud of dreams, and you’re allowed to revel in it.

Your Majesty is the grand vision that addresses the exclusivity of the moment. Borrowing from time and essence of the experience, you slowly begin to put this puzzle together. They know that you’re here only to visit, but such songs compel you to stay. As an artist, there is no greater honour than to have people returning to your track because of how it made someone feel.

Into The Abyss continues the fever of Craving You, creating more concentrated, tense moments which lean on the arpeggio that flows through time signatures. In a heart-to-heart of sorts, this is a lament which brings an incident to life. One of the most complex track to perform clearly, it is an epic that must be a part of every listener’s experience. Swan Song closes this mythological window into Piano Prince’s life. It is where the real and unreal exist as one, and yearn for us to join them, if only for a second.

That’s how lucid this album is, it would feel like a second, and you would have heard the whole album. It is a testament to this artist’s beliefs and what they consider to be the primary source of magic in music-the tale. Listen to their album here:

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