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RIDE OR DIE Amanda Holley
RIDE OR DIE Amanda Holley
RIDE OR DIE Amanda Holley

Amanda Holley’s “RIDE OR DIE”: A Sensuous Pop R&B Anthem

Amanda Holley, the rising star hailing from Newark, delivers a captivating pop track with her latest single, “RIDE OR DIE.” Born into a musical legacy with a cellist mother and guitarist-songwriter father, Holley’s roots run deep in music. She has been singing, and playing the piano and violin since her childhood. Over the years, she has played at prominent venues and festivals like Coachella, iHearRadio, and Carnegie Hall.

Blending elements of pop, dance, and contemporary R&B, Amanda introduces listeners to a dynamic concotion. The rhythmic core of the track boasts hip-hop and R&B grooves, infusing it with a danceable feel that’s irresistible. Intricately weaving her powerful vocals into the arrangement, Holley masterfully navigates the song’s soothing synth-laden soundscape. The electronic snares and kicks, paired with her sensuous and skillful vocal delivery, create a harmonious blend that’s both laidback and groovy.

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Accompanying the song is a visually stunning music video co-directed by Amanda herself alongside Mikey Piliero, featuring choreography by Jesse Le. As she stated amidst the chaotic world, she emphasizes the necessity for boundless love, inner strength, and steadfast support. Her song reflects a longing for enduring, unwavering love and a commitment to stand by her audience through life’s challenges.

RIDE OR DIE hits all the right notes. This is a song to be enjoyed in an aptly vibed dance club when the mood gets laid back. As the final chords fade away, the song’s magnetic charm lingers, leaving you with an insatiable craving for more. With its infectious energy and undeniable charm, this track is bound to find a place on listeners’ playlists.

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