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Jacqueline Kroft – PIANO PRELUDES, Vol. 02
Jacqueline Kroft – PIANO PRELUDES, Vol. 02

Jacqueline Kroft – PIANO PRELUDES, Vol. 02 | Vivid Tales

PIANO PRELUDES, Vol. 02 is an instrumental piano EP by English Canadian pianist Jacqueline Kroft. Born in Liverpool and raised in Canada, Jacqueline’s background gave her a unique perspective on music, and she used it to launch her European tours and songwriting career. Jacqueline’s musical journey began with a classical piano education at the Toronto Royal Conservatory of Music, which she started at the age of 10. Her passion for music led her to explore different genres, including jazz, soul, and pop. Her Piano Preludes project is a testament to her dedication to musical exploration and innovation.

The EP consists of six songs and runs for about 16 minutes with each track running for about 3 minutes. The tracks all contain only the piano in their arrangement. Armed with her expressive tool, it suffices to create rich musical narratives with the might of her fingers and mind.

The second volume of PIANO PRELUDES, Vol. 02 opens with “Piano Prelude 06 (Catch Up)”, a song that starts with a beautiful and slow-paced melody that gradually evolves into a more intricate composition. The way Jacqueline Kroft’s fingers glide over the piano keys is simply enchanting. It’s a perfect opening track that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. “Piano Prelude 07 (Moving Leaf)” follows suit, with its soothing and relaxing sound that makes it a perfect track to unwind to after a long day. It’s easy to imagine oneself sitting by a window, listening to the rain outside while this song plays in the background. The melody is simple yet effective, and it’s one of the standout tracks on the EP.

“Piano Prelude 08 (Straight Up)” is a track filled with life, with a performance that showcases Jacqueline’s mastery as a piano artist. It’s a refreshing change of pace from the more contemplative songs that precede it, and it’s impossible not to tap your feet along to the rhythm. “Piano Prelude 09 (Mornings With You)” is a beautiful and romantic composition that captures the feeling of waking up next to a loved one. It’s a touching tribute to the power of love, and Jacqueline’s gentle touch and expressive power on the piano perfectly convey the tenderness and affection that the song is all about.

“Piano Prelude 10 (The Way)” is a bittersweet and melancholic track that features some of the most intricate piano playing on the EP. It’s a hauntingly beautiful song that lingers in the mind long after it’s finished, leaving a deep emotional impact on the listener. Finally, “Piano Prelude 11 (Underwater Movement)” closes out the EP with a dreamy and ethereal sound that evokes images of the deep sea. It’s a perfect ending to an EP that takes the listener on a journey through a wide range of emotions and moods.

Summing up, PIANO PRELUDES, Vol. 02 is a stunning EP that showcases Jacqueline Kroft’s talent as a pianist and composer. Each song is a masterpiece in its own right, and together they create a cohesive and captivating musical experience that is a joy to listen to. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary classical music, jazz, or pop, the musical expression here will appeal to you. Highly recommended.

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