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Hele - Air Between Us
Hele - Air Between Us

Hele – Air Between Us | Blue Pink Sky Flight

Classical composer and string artist Richele Kuhlmann in her solo classical and ambient electronica project Hele presents us a beautiful song with Air Between Us. Air Between Us is the third track on Inoro, the debut EP of Hele. Along with the conventional violins, cellos, synths, also uses founds sounds and field recordings in her music. Hele is a traveler, spending most of the year doing so. She carries her violin and uses found and field aural discoveries during her journeys in her music along with being a breathtaking photographer.

The song creates a serene atmosphere with the piano and calming synths. We then have a string section with cellos and violins setting the further melodic scope. Here the violin is the lead instrument with the piano background has some guitar licks enter. Soon we enter rock layers with muted guitar riffs to a formidable musical opus. You feel as if you’re flying through the sky or swimming in the ocean to use cliched but apt analogies. The EP and song is produced by UK producer and artist Andy Dollerson from DoSounds Music while being mastered by Michael Fossenkemper of Turtletone Studio.

The optimum flow of ebbs and crests in the song’s arrangement keeps us engaged on this musical journey. Hele manages to compose lavish melodies that brighten the sonic canvass that would mesmerize the listener. Along with her roots in classical music, her music has influences from a wide variety of genres like jazz, electronica, hip-hop, and folk. The music video of the song features stunning edited footage from México, Guatemala & Oregon from Kuhlmann’s travels. Air Between Us by Hele is an experimental post-classical instrumental delight that creates a blissful cinematic ambiance.

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