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Desperate Electric - Karaoke
Desperate Electric - Karaoke

Desperate Electric – Karaoke | Electrifying

Formerly known as DASH, Desperate Electric is a dynamic duo that breathes life into their music and their audience. Consisting of Montana-based Ben Morris (guitar, keys, vocals, production) and Kayti Korte (bass, vocals), the two have electrifying energy about them. While the two have a wide array of influences, it doesn’t stop them from fusing their sounds together. The two explore themes of vulnerability and resiliency with so much energy to fill any room.

Their latest single, Karaoke is a groovy little number that will get anyone on the dancefloor. With a load of Funk and Soul, the duo has so much energy flowing through their instruments and their voices. The beat is so playful, funky and versatile. The bassline and the melodies are so flavourful with electricity flowing from them to the listener. The vocal work is simply sublime, complementing the instrumental with such ease and beauty. This is, most certainly, the kind of track you would want to sing at a karaoke bar with your friends or even along with Desperate Electric at their next gig.

With plenty of music to offer the world, Desperate Electric has music on most major streaming platforms. Additionally, if you are so inclined you can catch their energetic live shows in a city near you. All you have to do is check their Spotify profiles to figure out where they’re playing next! What’s more, is they have a bunch of gigs lined up.

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