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Kinships - Vice
Kinships - Vice

Kinships – Vice | Modern Electropop

The genre-bending Electro-Pop group, Kinships, is back with an absolutely banging EP, entitled Vice. Since the release of Reform, we’ve been waiting on new work by the extremely energetic group, and it could not have come any sooner. The EP is only 19 minutes long, with 5 tracks. However, Kinships is here to absolutely take your breath away by getting you on the dancefloor.

We begin the EP on Deeper. This is a track that deviates from the original, energetic sound that we’re so used to hearing. However, it takes the Soft Core side of Pop to another level. Much like artists like SALES, Kinships have been able to gauge the right amount of electronica and acoustical. I love the maturity that this EP brings along with the group. This track, along with Dissolve kind of remind me of The 1975 with their dark concepts, but relatively lighter tones and ambience. Dissolve just happens to be one of the less complicated tracks, but there is beauty in its simplicity. I wouldn’t call it simple, but rather how minimalistically beautiful the track works. Sometimes it’s better to not overcomplicate things.

Moving on to Reform. We’ve spoken plenty about it in the single review that you can check out here! Recover sounds like the response to Reform. It’s a more optimistic track with lighter tones and a rather clear atmosphere about it. The instrumental work on this track is possibly my favourite off of the album. However, I would be amiss to leave the brilliantly dynamic and harmonic vocal work out of the picture. Recover is this track that seems to take the rest of the album a little lighter and has this air of optimism about it.

The titular track, Vice, is also the last track on the EP. It is perhaps, the most experimentally innovative track off good the album. I really enjoy how dynamic the track is, playing with the tones and ambience of the song rather than focusing on the vocals alone. Although, the vocal work is perhaps some of the best I’ve heard in some time. The group has this brilliant ear for what their sound should be and they deliver on every single track. Vice is the track that stands out above the others, though. It’s a much more complicated track when you look at the production work that went into it. However, I stand by Recover being my personal favourite. This album has a lot of nuances that could appeal to various kinds of people, so go into it with an open mind.

This is an electronic group that you do not want to miss out on. I see them blowing up much as Disclosure did and I highly recommend jumping on the bandwagon. What do you think about Kinships? Perhaps you should give them a listen and share your thoughts!

Be sure to stream the Vice EP today!

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