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Kinships - Reform
Kinships - Reform

Kinships – Reform | Revolutionary Electronica

Kinships takes Electronica to the next level by melding the organic and electronic to create subtle and moving songs. The group have created a soundscape by mixing soft core vocals, pianos and guitars over drum machines, samples and synthesizers. It is truly an experience and joy for your ears.

Reform perfectly encapsulates Kinships by showcasing their ability to mix their organic elements into the electronically quantized elements. The airy, delicate vocals create a simple, light atmosphere and timbre. The drum loops and synthesizers act in the opposite direction, while highlighting these organic elements. I find the synthesizers aren’t overly used which is something I really enjoy, and the other elements of the instrumental part of the track don’t take anything away from the vocals. The vocals cut cleanly through the mix giving you an ethereal kind of feeling.

An experience that seems very difficult to find these days. Kinships reminds me of a more Electronic version of The 1975 and Ed Sheeran if he had gone a less commercial route. Additionally, I can see Kinships taking over the electronic scene in the coming years. Their ability to create dreamy soundscapes with organic and electronic elements blows my mind which I happily accept.

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