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Aurelia - Wax
Aurelia - Wax

Aurelia – Wax | Creative and Effective

Wax,” Aurelia‘s self-produced first song, is here to create all the proper noises. I’m absolutely ecstatic to hear such imaginative interpretations of deeper thoughts, perfectly presented with absolutely gorgeous sound design. Aurelia, the brainchild of Gabriella Bavaro, a New York-based producer, performer, and visual artist, conjures up an universe of electronic and experimental music that is supported by her broad background of classical instruments, opera, and world-influenced rhythms.

Wax is the result of Gabriella Bavaro’s very personal terrible experiences, with the goal of using art as both a personal healing process and a tool to spotlight darker themes that have disproportionately affected women and LGBTQ+ youth. The music fundamentally hits the perfect chords in your mind, immediately putting you in the middle. Aurelia’s topics require a great deal of bravery to boldly express such fragile concepts with such vigour and intensity.

The intensity is quickly set with the early plucks tones and sweeping ambient pads, which are brilliantly complimented by the voices. The beat is fast and furious. Overall, I recommend that you listen to the music without my interpretation. In a sentence, it’s crucial to understand what Aurelia is trying to convey with the song. It’s a voyage that has the potential to empower and heal many of us. I am be grateful that Aurelia could come up with the topic and tackle it with such bravery. The songwriting and orchestration are excellent. There are so many delightful surprises for listeners to enjoy as they immerse themselves in the experience. It will undoubtedly have a significant impact on you.

Aurelia’s Wax is now available to listen to on Spotify!

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