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Pini Gurfil - Call It Art | Deep
Pini Gurfil - Call It Art | Deep

Pini Gurfil – Call It Art | Deep

Pini Gurfil is an Israeli singer and songwriter known for his melancholic and reflective music. Pini Gurfil is also an award-winning Hebrew poet recognized for his unique writings. But when it comes to music, he is slowly stepping up his game by creating songs worth remembering that speak to your soul. 

A recent release of Pini Gurfil is a beautiful song called Call It Art which is a profound portrayal of what it feels like to experience art in its purest form. The magic of art is known to those who experience it, and that is a beautiful feeling. Through Call It Art, Gurfil has opened a gateway of opportunity for his listeners to understand, experience, reflect, and explore art as it is. The song is a soft rock, a retro-influenced number that has beautiful elements of vibrant musicality. The music is deep, and the soundscapes are worth experiencing. Deep motifs are sewn together to form an exquisite tapestry of gorgeous sounds. When you listen to this song, you will realize that it is a song that needs to be delved into completely and truthfully because only then will you be able to experience the real magic of Call It Art. When a song influences its listeners deeper than the surface, you know its real art, and this song does exactly that. Knowing and understanding this feeling is in itself a great experience. 

With amazing vocals, fresh lyrics, retro musicality, beautiful flow, and an amazing fresh feeling, Call It Art deserves a space in your playlist. 

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