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Matt Deangelis- Real Future | Back to the future

When I reviewed Matt Deangelis in his avatar with World I’m Coming For You, I knew what I was listening to. His first album was an eponymous structure, curated and composed so well, it could be a Meat Loaf compilation. There was drama, heartfelt proses and intriguing instrumentals that were sculpted from scratch. How do you top your Sistine Chapel? In this case, Matt changes flavour for a new work of art. This is his latest single, Real Future.

If there is a way to hop into the 80s renaissance train, you don’t have to worry if you’re Matt. With a solid grasp on the sonic soundscape that dominated the decade-he knows which keys to press. His track is a flashback to glitter shoes and casual cocaine confluence. He blends effortlessly the magic of the synth, the tang of the guitar and the trusty spirit of the pop beat for an exciting number.

Synth leads offer a delightful new trail within the same track. Being the perfectionist that Matt Deangelis is, he isn’t going to allow the one trick pony method to dominate the song. The verse sections vary in atmosphere, and he orchestrates it like an experienced conductor. The young musician aims to bring his skill set to change the quality of sound and music that people listen to now. Real Future is a step into, well, the future.

If you haven’t heard his album released earlier this year, do yourself a favour, and please stop reading this. It is a work of art that combines every melodic element that has dominated the radios for the past half a century. With his love for detail and multi-instrumental craftsmanship, it’s no surprise he’s pumping out hits like this.

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