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Lockyer Boys – LATKD | Neon Joy – 

Canadian brothers Will and Charlie Lockyer from Ontario who go by the artist name Lockyer Boys have released some fresh new pop with their latest single LATKD. This is their third release after Surfing in the L.A. last year and Make It Up As We Go with popular French DJ and producer Mathieu Koss. Like All The Kids Do is produced by the Grammy-nominated Jeff Dawson and Alan Poettcker from These Kids Wear Crowns. With such a background, the luscious frozen ice candy that is LATKD isn’t a surprise.

The song begins with awesome synths and revolves around an infectious hook. The groovy bassline is the marrow of the track and you can feel it especially when the first chorus ends to lead us into the next verse. The track has a sunny and breezy feel to it. LATKD is about young people being happy and comfortable being themselves with the paradoxes of the digital age like waiting for texts on their dimmed phones alone in their rooms. It’s a song exploding with adolescent spirit and fledgling celebration. The song barely clocks two and a half minutes and ends on a cliffhanger. As soon as it does you wanna hit the replay button.

The pop duo have a modern indie alt-pop hit on their hands with LATKD. They are currently working on their debut album, which on seeing their releases thus far is something to look forward to. LATKD is a luminous neon pop song filled with infinite joy.

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