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Girl in the Photo – Spiderhuff
Girl in the Photo – Spiderhuff

Girl in the Photo – Spyderhuff | Blazing Lust

Detroit rockers Spyderhuff seduce us with their third single Girl in the Photo, from their upcoming EP SIN7. SIN7 promises to be a series of blues-rooted rock ‘n’ roll songs on the classic deadly sins. Tracks will be released throughout the year. After the sins of sloth and wrath in their previous releases, Spyderhuff tackle lust in this old-school American rock number.

Spyderhuff are named as a tribute to working-class hero Ed ‘Spider’ Huff. Huff was an early colleague of Henry Ford when they worked at the Edison Detroit power plant. Ford used Huff’s innovations in the development of the early ignition systems on all Ford cars. In what was initially a duo project, Spyderhuff now includes several new band members.

The song starts with the prominent bassline kicking into some fiery riffs and lyrics of lustful fantasies. Vocalist Tom Kruhr channels his inner Jagger for some versatile vocals. Veteran Detroit guitarist Joey Gaydos does a phenomenal job, especially with the blazing solo in the song’s latter half. (Fun fact, Gaydos is the father of the School of Rock fame Joey Gaydos Jr, himself involved with the band.)

The song has healthy sprinklings of synth work complementing the production of the song. The drum work by drummer Tony Mitchell is austere which serves the song suitably. Lyrically, the narrator is aware of his “toxic brew” of lust likening it to poison. This includes a forbidden neighborly fantasy to pictorial fixation. In all of these, he is acutely aware that none of them are “the real you”. Overall, Girl in the Photo is a tasty piece of straightforward in-your-face rock on the eternal carnal vice.

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