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Benji Matthews – The Love Song Anthem | Love Sparkles

Benji Matthews, a singer-songwriter and music producer, has released a new single called “The Love Song Anthem“, which is a total blast. Any listener would be lifted by the enthusiasm. The cheerful pace and the zeal with which the vocalists sang would undoubtedly create a strong initial impression on the listeners. The love anthem is also well written. The song has a particularly profound impact because of the simple lyrics and feelings that are delivered with enormous love and energy. The vocal delivery likewise keeps the enthusiasm high throughout, without dipping. Simultaneously, the performance incorporates dynamics, which contribute to the song’s thrill and intended movement, as well as creating the ambiance.

I especially liked the vocal arrangements and harmonies that are layered in the intro, as they provide a lot of intrigue to the opening. The production is kept simple and clear, which aids in the creation of the desired effects. The arrangement complements the composition and singing beautifully, and the layers never overshadow one another, resulting in smooth transitions between sections. The song’s last portion is my personal favourite, since it combines elements of soul with an EDM production basis. The vocal delivery would be the most important aspect in attracting listeners into the song, and once we get into the vibe and beats, the song becomes a true uplifter that we’d want to listen to again and again. 

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