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Meghan Pulles – Rabbit Hole | Dynamically Layered

Meghan Pulles, a singer-songwriter, just released a new heartfelt song titled ‘Rabbit Hole‘.  The song does bring to mind the delicate circumstances of a connection. The work touches on incidents that are very relevant to a lot of individuals. As a consequence, the song’s words will undoubtedly strike a chord with the listeners. Furthermore, I believe the music is really catchy and hummable, and the chorus is extremely memorable, staying with us long after the song has ended. The vocal delivery is also excellent and perfectly matches the atmosphere. Meghan Pulles is also a classically trained opera vocalist, which shows in her performance. The delicate vibratos and the way she holds the notes make a substantial contribution in building and maintaining the ambiance.

The ukulele strumming begins the tune gently. Soon after, the singers join in the progression, which is backed up by chords and greatly accentuates the chorus. The layers are gradually introduced, which keeps us interested in the music. The arc is very nicely maintained throughout. We are truly made to groove with the melody when the drum and bass enter full strength. The buildups and crescendos have a significant influence on our interest in the song. The use of horns and snare drills increases the intensity while also vastly expanding the sonic space. I am confident that the entire journey of the song would appeal to listeners of all genres and would immediately connect with them.

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