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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Fia Nyxx, Taylor Xo – Gemini | Glam

“Gemini” is the latest release by Los Angeles-based pop artist Fia Nyxx. Since releasing her debut album “Everything Girl” in 2018, she has been putting out original music, working with multiple established producers and engineers, blending R&B with dance music and soulful sounds of the Motown era. On “Gemini”, she collaborates with the singer-songwriter and rapper, Taylor Xo (aka Taylor Olson), who adds a different flavor to the engaging track.

In her songs, Nyxx experiments with a fusion of multiple genres to create a unique sound that’s both modern and also reminiscent of southern jazz. “Gemini” features melancholic yet haunting melodies, engaging beats, and flawless vocals. Nyxx’s vocal delivery seems inspired by soulful singers such as Beyoncé and Rihanna. The intoxicating tone in her voice will definitely captivate listeners, and paired with the intricate production on this track, the experimental clash comes together beautifully.

Fia Nyxx sings about the star sign Gemini, and how it relates to one of her relationships. The lyrics are heartfelt and sultry at the same time. Rapper Taylor Xo delivers a tight vocal performance in the third verse, that sits really well in the arrangement of the track. In addition, his vocals shine through nicely with a conversational delivery style, leaving some space for the hypnotic outro of “Gemini.”

Fia Nyxx has been writing music and performing for a few years now. Having toured the United States and Asia as a part of the girl group SHE, her experiences have helped refine her craft. With multiple releases throughout the years showcasing her versatile style, she incorporates a variety of genres into her songs and that’s what makes her sound unique!

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