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Stephen James Orr - Wake Up
Stephen James Orr - Wake Up

Stephen James Orr – Wake Up | Soft Sunny Sunday

Listening to Stephen James Orr’s recent collaboration with Gisun, ‘Wake up,’ is truly blissful. I had an intense experience while playing this piece, pondering the appropriate phases to describe this extremely delicately and meticulously crafted composition. Without a doubt, this is an exceptional work of art that will remain on my playlist for a long time. The songwriting is supported by a fantastic narrative with a lot of visual depth. It allows you to visualise the colours so vividly that it almost feels like you’re having an audiovisual experience. You simply need to give the song some time and allow it to transport you to a better place filled with peace and zest for life.

Stephen James Orr, a musician, songwriter, and producer from Toronto, is rooted in riff-based indie rock and soul groove. Gisun, on the other hand, is a multi-cultural Canadian artist. Her songwriting in both English and Spanish revolves around latin and soul-inspired music, having studied vocal jazz performance at the New School and global entertainment business at Berklee. She uses music to foster community connection and healing as she navigates themes of identity, heritage, and belonging.

The songwriter allowed the song to breathe in the arrangement, allowing listeners to easily bridge gaps in the improvisational melody and stay connected. The guitar performance effortlessly articulates the intended hues with the accidental notes. Though there are complex modulations in this song, they never seem out of place or forced; rather, they add the necessary depth to the words. Everyone should take the time to listen to this.

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