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Kurt Gott-Last Call
Kurt Gott-Last Call
Kurt Gott-Last Call

Kurt Gott-Last Call | Bluesy

Kurt Gott knows one thing for sure- recreating using nostalgia. His newest album Last Call is a bar hoppers dream, with memories strewn across the table. Experiencing and performing for a major part of his life, Last Call is Kurt’s entry card to music and a closing card to a life he is leaving behind. Embracing the country & blues genres, Kurt Gott debuts with this retrofitted album, Last Call.

A first last call-crafting a debut album

Released initially as a single, Deal Me In might also be Gott’s royal flush. It has a quick, blues-based pickup with plenty country flavor to go around. His song has a swing, and a hit-mostly to do with how he manipulates the tale that he wants to tell. The way he sings it, I want to hear it. Great track to give the folks a teaser.

Blame It on The Whiskey might be a crowd favorite at any bar or club, because it has all the lines you like to amplify your high. The country chord progression is something we all relate to, and want to sing. The simple guitar is an addiction, making it a sure dance number, relating to the well-set tempo. Would have done well with another bridge section for a little more spice.

Singing for a long lost love, Kurt Gott’s next song reminds me of another famous classic. Where the River Flows has the lyrical ingenuity of Richard Marx’s hit, Hazard. The tale is blue, but the song goes through the entire spectrum with the gifted narration that Gott employs here.

For a musician who is regularly traveling, Variety is something they might all need. Shifting focus ever so slightly to the piano, Kurt Gott creates another great number to sing along to, with some sweet piano flourishes and accents. They really help get the step into the track, making it a strong addition on this album.

Embracing a Traveling Wilbury’s vibe, Kurt welds the talent of all the legends together to write Wine from A Dixie Cup. It has harmonica, blues guitar and slide along with other accoutrements, mixing it up with the style and tempo in each track. A good song to step around on the dance floor for.

With a slower swing to it, Gott says he doesn’t want it the Easy Way Out. His tale is of any musician who can hold his own on the stage, to make it using only talent and pure music. His passion translates, for the song is a good number to shuffle the song tempos and styles in the album. Like the song Variety, this too has some good piano lines that stand out.

Swinging to a groove

Keeping with the country pick-me-up’s, Gott starts singing about the country version of The Boys Are Back In Town. He reminisces, and makes a song for his buds, keeping him company at that saloon that kept their company. Tavern Down the Road is one to listen to with your companions with a cold one in your hand.

With a beautiful chord progression, Gott sings about someone who was More Than a Friend. The guitar really stands out while doing surprisingly less, thanks to the phaser effect and mellow playing. The song has very pained lyrics, sang with intent and real emotion. One of the highlights of the album, with the swerves and bends for a great story.

Breaking out from a rut that you’re stuck in might be difficult many a times. Only a Phase makes you realize about the temporality of things and events, and you relate to Gott’s phase, something that is relatable. Enjoyable listen with nice acoustics and harmonics.

Ain’t nothing guaranteed is Kurt preaching to you about how fickle and random the series of events that life is comprised of can be. The song is a slower number, but encourages you to focus on the accents and highlights, much like Kurt Gott’s entire album. I would shuffle a few of the tracks to change the order as it would be on a pressed album, yet Gott hits the mark. The songs have levity, emotion, drama and all that you can expect from someone and more-for their debut. Last call, and the order is quite impressive.

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