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Wild Love - I Hate That I Need You
Wild Love - I Hate That I Need You

Wild Love – I Hate That I Need You | Throwback Vibes

Wild Love is a band that has broken out onto the music scene with the idea that they are your new favourite band. The trio consists of vocalist and songwriter, Brandon Gorman, guitarist and producer, Michael Crecca, and bassist, Saygīn Geçener.

I Hate That I Need You is their evolution into a new era of music. The song features familiar elements of the 90s and 2000s. The fast-paced drums, accompanied by the groovy bass and beautiful guitar melodies create an amazing atmosphere reminiscent of the 90s and 2000s vibe. Not to forget the amazing vocals that sit so perfectly into the mix, accompanied by backing vocals in some parts, it creates the ultimate Pop Punk sound that I’ve certainly missed hearing.

Wild Love reminds me of bands like Sum 41, FM Static, Green Day and Simple Plan – familiar bands that give you a wholesome feeling. I am in absolute awe of these guys and the music is already on my playlists. If you want those vibes then I suggest that you not sleep on Wild Love, they’re making big steps!

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