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Elleinad – Tic Tac | Eerie

Elleinad, an experimental pop/rock artist from South Florida, released a track called “Tic Tac” in mid-2022, and it’s nothing short of captivating. Known for her eerie and haunting sound, Elleinad has taken her music to the next level this latest release.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Sub Urban and Billie Eilish, Elleinad has created a unique sound that blends different genres while maintaining an experimental quality. With “Tic Tac,” she has masterfully combined a symphonic rock sound with fresh and innovative elements that result in an Evanescence-like vibe.

The instrumentation is powerful and driven by electric guitars and hard-hitting drums that keep the beat moving along with the bass. Elleinad’s soaring vocals and excellent harmonization add depth to the track and perfectly complement the energetic instrumentation.

The lyrics of “Tic Tac” are introspective, exploring themes of addiction and mental illness. The line that stands out – “Take a handful it’ll help for sure, it’s getting worse you promised this would take the pain away,” depicts the desperation of someone struggling with addiction.

Elleinad’s love for horror movies and their eerie sounds is apparent in “Tic Tac.” The use of unsettling sounds and harmonies creates a creepy atmosphere that draws the listener in and leaves them feeling slightly unnerved. The track’s dynamic and energetic sound, coupled with Elleinad’s confident vocal delivery, makes for a powerful listening experience.

Overall, “Tic Tac” showcases Elleinad’s exceptional songwriting and musical prowess. The track’s haunting sound and introspective lyrics make it a standout release and a must-listen for fans of experimental rock. It’s a testament to Elleinad’s unique style and creativity and solidifies her place as an up-and-coming artist to watch.

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