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Cicci Landen – Over Again | Warm-hearted

Cicci Landen is a Swedish singer-songwriter known for her signature sound, combining country, blues, and soul. In her latest song, “Over Again,” she discusses situations in relationships that keep repeating themselves through relatable lyrics and honest storytelling.

Inspired by Americana, Cicci incorporates folksy guitars and rhythms into her music. “Over Again” features powerful drums along with a sturdy bass that carries the 3:51-minute-long track throughout. Cicci’s lyrics speak straight from her heart about the problems that victims of domestic violence face. “A swarm of arrows aim straight for my heart, anything you say from now on tears us further apart / What goes around comes around, when it’s all said and done, you go and do it all over again.”

As the lyrics primarily concern repetitive abuse, the recurring chorus lines seem appropriate and are emphasized even more. With a few transitional fillers from the guitars and keys, each section flows into the other seamlessly, allowing the listener to focus on the heartfelt vocals. The track also features an emotive guitar lead that plays perfectly before the final chorus that’s big and full of energy. A top-notch production with a lot of charisma.

Cicci Landen has been releasing music since 2015. So far, she has released two full-length albums, an EP, a few singles, and has a lot more music coming out soon! Her passionate vocal delivery coupled with her expressive tone helps her tell a story that captivates the listeners, and I think that is what sets her apart from other artists.

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