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John Joseph – Float
John Joseph – Float

John Joseph – Float | Fiery Raw

New Jersey singer-songwriter and artist John Joseph has released a dazzling new single named Float. His band includes Harry Smith on the drums and Gabriel Paiano on bass. They all are pursuing their diplomas at The New School of Jazz and Contemporary Music. The song runs for little more than three minutes but manages to keep you on your toes. John Joseph’s past releases include the 2018 EP Say When and the mini EP Sunday Demos.

Float commences with a single snare hit which sounds boxy. Over this jangly rhythm guitars and a searing retro electro organ riff plays. Vocals then glide over the rhythm guitars. The chorus and pre-chorus expand the arrangements horizons with all the guitar, organ and all expressed. Drums are fast paced and steady, pregnant with furious energy and let out in bursts of rapid fills.

They sound as if they will explode at any moment but the heart beat of the rhythm and groove keeps steady. The final leg of this song, bursts out the energy with all the instruments and elements going berserk as well. What a satisfying way to end this song by John Joseph. Float is released in the run up to his upcoming record Suday which is due to be released in the spring of next year.

Float manages to tick all the boxes in terms of tight musicianship and performance, production, and themes. Energy and the musical narrative flow is well handled in terms of musicianship while keeping the performances raw and uninhibited. Float by John Joseph is a blues jeans rock number that you would enjoy.

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