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Reue- Your Affect | Vibrance

Ethan Reue Berdofe is a music prodigy from Austin, Texas. Reue has been making waves in the underground electronic music scene since he was a teenager and has since become one of the most influential and progressive artists in his field. He has honed his skills in composition, bands, and solo projects and is currently attending Berklee College of Music. He’s started headlining concerts in Boston and beyond and shows no signs of slowing down. His debut EP, “Acid Patch Kids” peaked at #7 on the techno charts on Beatport. Rue is an inventive and innovative artist constantly pushing electronic music’s boundaries. His unique sound and imaginative approach to music-making will keep him at the forefront of the electronic music scene for years to come.

Reue has come up with a new single, “Your Affect.” If you’re a fan of techno, then you need to check out this song. From the opening chords, I was instantly connected to the track. The bass line is so powerful and melodic without being overbearing in your face. As soon as I hit play, I found myself swaying along. The other thing that really stood out to me was Reue’s use of sound effects. He doesn’t overwhelm the track with them or make them a central focus, but they’re there, and they add so much character and energy to the music. “Your Affect” is full of surprises throughout, which turns out to be trippy and electronic-infused by the end. It’s just insane how Reue manages to keep the groove going while also incorporating some amazing melodic elements. “You Affect” is the perfect track to get lost in. You won’t even realize how 7+ minutes pass by while you’re listening. It has to be your go-to track for dancing, driving, or just chilling out. And I can’t recommend it enough.

It’s definitely not just another techno song—it’s an experience!

Enjoy listening to Your Affect here.

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