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The Margaret Hooligans – Pete and Roger
The Margaret Hooligans – Pete and Roger

The Margaret Hooligans – Pete and Roger | Fiery Rock Tribute

Philadephia based garage rock duo The Margaret Hooligans have released their latest tribute to The Who vocalist Roger Daltrey and guitarist Pete Townshend. Pete and Roger is the ultimate tribute song by them to their favorite band (and the favorite of many of us), The Who. The Margaret Hooligans consists of Meg Cratty on the electric ukulele/vocals and Mr. Strontium on the drums/teapot/back up vocals.

Peter and Roger is a chronicle the turbulent and enduring comradery between Daltrey and Townshend. The electric rhyhm ukelele part of the song is of course a wink to Pete Townshend’s unmistakable fiery guitar style. Raw recording style gives an almost live feel, honestly reminiscent of the breath-holding Who concerts. The arrangement of the track consists of meteoric drumming by Mr. Strontium, electric ukulele power riffing, and harmonic leads with dense vocal layering.

Meg’s towering singing reminds one of rock hits like My Generation, Baba O’Reilly, and Who Are You? Making references to Elvis, no A&R scouts, jutting jaws, and snot-filled noses, the lyrics have great imagery. They really set the tone and narrative while making us imagine the journey of these legends of rock music. The lyrics are amazingly well written. They chronicle the journey of their lives and music.

This is the fifth single from their upcoming album, Turntable Tribulations, set to be released in October. The band is planning to release a new single from the album every month from April through September, with the full album release in October. “Windmill armband, Lasso microphone, Shattered speaker cone“, Pete and Roger is one classic rock song that one can’t help but spin on repeat.

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