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The Domain – Favorite Mistake | Instant Mood Booster

Producer, DJ, and remixer of electronic music with a range of skills, The Domain crafts songs with soul, vibe, pop vocals, and vintage synths. The music of The Domain is modern yet nostalgic. It is both exhilarating and relaxing. It’s music that you can both dance to and listen to while relaxing. It perfectly combines electronic and organic elements with modern and old ones. The Domain stands out from other electronic performers with its emphasis on atmosphere. He invests a great deal of effort in creating an uplifting and pleasant environment because he wants his music to make you feel happy. With his distinctive musical fusion, Domain is set to take the world by storm.

The Domain in collaboration with Lousy has come up with a new song called “Favorite Mistake,” which has quickly become my favorite track! When it comes to good vibes and great music, there’s nothing quite like “Favorite Mistake.” This toe-tapping tune is full of tender and seductive voices, harmonics that create an environment of warmth, and a delightful vitality that is sure to get you moving. The stunning arrangement of this song whisks you away to a land of pleasure and fun, revealing all the hidden delights that make this mistake so unique. Whether it’s the gorgeous vocals or the catchy soundscape, it’s impossible to resist. And once you’re hooked, there’s no turning back. This is the kind of music that you can get lost in for hours, letting it transport you to another world entirely. Whether you’re swaying along to the music or lost in the lyrics, “Favorite Mistake” is sure to put a smile on your face and leave you feeling happy and content. The whole song just made me happy, and I couldn’t help but vibe along.

We had the opportunity to interview The Domain. Read on to know more.

1. Hey, The Domain! Congratulations on your single, ‘Favourite mistake.’ The cheerful mix of pop and dance makes for a light, upbeat song. What factors influenced your decision on the soundscape?

A: Aha so this is my secret – pretty much every decision that I make in the studio is spontaneous and nothing is contrived or planned in a certain way. I generally just do whatever I feel like doing and have extremely large amounts of fun in the process! That is exactly the thought process of the new single Favorite Mistake! No thoughts, just pure fun!

2. I read that the song was supposed to come out in 2021 but got pushed back. Can you elaborate on why this happened?

A: A few reasons.
This track is pretty upbeat, and pretty happy in my opinion – and it did seem inappropriate to be releasing this and partying while everyone was stuck in lockdowns and suffering the consequences of all the restrictions and everything going on.

Secondly, I enjoy making music for the process – all the organization and the planning etc. – the marketing and promo is less fun for me than actually being in the studio making cool stuff. Because I would much rather spend my time making music than promoting it – I inadvertently built up a large amount of material and fell way behind on releasing stuff.

3. Were you the one-man army for composing, songwriting, and producing the song?

A: Lousy did the topline. She is way better than me at toplines obviously. I try not to interfere too much in that process – because of my background in classic Hip Hop, every time I write a topline it sounds like Hip Hop with crazy multi-syllable rhyme schemes that are impossible to sing in a way that’s pleasing. I did all the production and the mixing, arrangement etc., etc., and let her look after the topline.

So yeah it’s still a lot of work, and lot of different hats to wear – but I enjoy learning all the different processes and technical aspects.

4. Since your songs are mostly genre-defying, I am really curious to know who your musical influences are.

A: This is the thing. Honestly I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing in relation to Electronic music – I don’t really have any specific influences. I grew up on tons of 70’s Soul music and 90’s Hip Hop so this is all entirely new to me. It took me a while to try to figure out what genre this is I just had to go on Spotify and try to find stuff that’s similar, and I’m still not really sure what to call it.

So in a way the absence of having any real specific direction and influences has allowed me to just experiment and find my own little niche which is (hopefully) somewhat unique. I’m self taught in everything to do with production and mixing – I find the process of discovery to be quite rewarding. Instead spending 1000 hours in a University learning to do everything exactly the same as every other producer out there – I just spent 1000 hours experimenting and developed my own ideas and my own aesthetics.

5. What can we expect from The Domain next?

A: Well I have a bunch of singles planned, although I’m just about to move across the country – Australia is a big country – and most of my thoughts are on packing and planning everything at the moment.
I’m checking my release schedule and there’s at least 2 more new singles that I will probably lock in and one remix before the end of the year.

Next year things will pick up a lot since I still have a bunch more singles to put out.

Enjoy listening to Favorite Mistake by The Domain here.

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