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Wild Horse – Joy Ride | Charming
Wild Horse – Joy Ride | Charming

Wild Horse – Joy Ride | Charming

Wild Horse is an East Sussex-based band of three ardent artists. Together they create indie rock and soul tunes that are loved by their diverse audience. Through their convincing and vibrant musical ingenuity, they are on their way to establishing themselves as one of a kind. Their music is not only unique but also equally amazing and enjoyable.

Wild Horse recently released a track called Jo Ride. The song is a pleasant track that has a really cool and charming rhythm to it. When I say charming, it is in every way, charming. From vocals to joyful, almost playful music, everything in the song is appealing. You would be in awe of how smooth everything feels. The way the soundscapes envelop you and uplift you at once is something only rare tracks do to you, and this one surely falls into that kind.

Joy Ride is quite what the name suggests. Joyful, yes, but a ride too. The way the elements transcend from something to a whole another thing and then come back to the same familiarity, makes you feel like you are on a ride or something. However, everything flows in a beautiful manner. You won’t be disappointed with all the vibrance that the song offers ‘cause everything is fused together perfectly.

Joy Ride is an exquisite song that you should listen to on a car ride if you are in the mood for some fun, or on an evening you feel like jazzing up things a little.

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