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Gifts from Crows – The Empty Mirror | Ethereal Instrumental

Neo-classical composer and pianist Richard Laurence, aka “Gifts from Crows” recently came out with his first single of the year, “The Empty Mirror”. Since 2020, the artist has released more than a dozen singles, all of which have been well received by instrumental music lovers worldwide. With a background in post-rock and electronic music, Laurence incorporates a few inspired elements to his compositions, making his music truly captivating. His latest release is an ambient piano-centric, orchestral composition and is the second single from his upcoming album.

The about four-minute-long track begins with warm-toned ivories that play over a few interesting textures. “The Empty Mirror” was inspired by a photograph taken by Helena Whitten at Poltimore House in Devon which depicts a solitary figure in front of an oval frame where a mirror once stood. Helena is known for the somewhat dark themes she follows in her photos. Laurence’s rendition of her work translates into this ethereal mix of emotive strings, and the constant movement in the song sure does make it more appealing.

As the track progresses, the lush instrumentation supports the piano melody elegantly. Additionally, its dynamic mix makes it play quite well with swift transitions and engaging melodies. Laurence’s experience as a composer of multiple genres is quite evident in this track, and I must say, he’s done an excellent job. The way he makes layers of melodies work so well together adds to its extravagant sound. It has a kind of shimmering beauty to it amidst the dark atmospheres.

Laurence’s next album “Stories in Slow Light” is a collection of twelve compositions that are all inspired by Helena Whitten’s series of motion-blur photographs. After getting a short peek into the albums sound with his latest single, I’m sure his fans are eager to hear more!

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