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Ghosts of Our Former Selves - Beautiful World
Ghosts of Our Former Selves - Beautiful World

Ghosts of Our Former Selves – Beautiful World

Ghosts of Our Former Selves is a three-piece project consisting of singer, Theo Brehony, guitarist, Sanderson Rocha and producer, Fred Ala. Based in London, the trio create music that breaks boundaries and covers various topics of discussion. All three individuals have worked in significant fields of music with various well-established artists and producers alike. This has allowed them to collectively craft and curate brilliant music.

Their latest single, Beautiful World, is a funky, mellow track with a lot going on for it. The piano carries the song forward, but the percussions are really interesting. Ghost of Our Former Selves has a very eclectic approach to their music. Moreover, the funk really helps you groove. The song is really infectious, making its way into an earworm quite easily. I really enjoy the various melodies and countermelodies that go on in the track. The synth stands out with it’s various licks here and there. One thing that really hits me hard is the harmonies. I really think that this trio have done a brilliant job on this track. Every element fits so perfectly given the sheer number of them.

I feel kinda nostalgic listening to Ghosts of Our Former Selves. Specifically with Beautiful World. Additionally, this track reminds me of the Jackson Five and music from that generation. It’s really interesting to see these styles play out in the more contemporary scene.

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