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Beneath The Surface EP
Beneath The Surface EP

Callie Carlucci- Beneath The Surface EP | Love-songs

Singer-songwriter Callie Calucci’s latest release is a five-track EP titled, “Beneath The Surface”. After spending the past few years finding her voice as a musician, she has now released her first EP, and it has the potential to evoke deep emotions, owing to her special way of telling a story through her soulful music. 

Beneath The Surface EP Tracklist

Out Of The Ocean 

The EP begins with an spacey intro that comprises of ethereal guitar tones and light percussions. Alicia’s smooth vocals have a Disney soundtrack-like melody and are slightly theatrical. With a grand piano and a few bright synths to fill up the soundstage, Out Of The Ocean is a great introduction to “Beneath The Surface” as we get a taste of Callie’s version of a love song that doesn’t really adhere to any genre, yet.


Like the opening track, the song begins with an electric guitar that takes center stage before Callie’s vocals come in. Ready has hopeful lyrics and evokes feelings of nostalgia – “maybe I’m hoping someday you’ll change your mind / you were ready to love me baby, like I was ready for you..”. Her writing is very deep and heartfelt on this track. Ready also features a melodious bridge that transitions into an exciting chorus with delayed vocals, piano melodies and wide synth pads.

Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic stands out from the crowd as a peppy, slightly upbeat song, with only a bassline and a few electronic samples at the start. A playfully sung chorus that is really catchy is surely the highlight of this track – “take a sip of my gin and tonic, you watch me as I sip my gin and tonic”. She sings an octave higher in the last two choruses; a nice range of dynamics that makes the track as a whole sound more ‘full’. 


Track number four starts off with a common pop chord progression that sounds hopeful right from the first bar. Her sentimental lyrics appear to revolve around reminiscing about past relationships. The track features an emotional violin solo and light percussions that fit the soft mood of the track really well. I’d say Masterpiece has the most Disney-like sound because of its familiar chorus melody, my favourite track of the lot!

Standing Still

A deep sub bass along with lush strings introduce the final track of the EP. Callie’s vocals can be appreciated best in Standing Still – they’re dynamic, mellow and quite appealing. Callie has a very unique way of making harsh distorted guitars blend in with bizarre synths, yet nothing sounds out of place or excessive, just the right amount!


On all the tracks of “Beneath The Surface”, Callie has a distinct way of telling a story through her honest emotions and words. In addition, conversational lyrics and sultry instrumentals make the tracks sound very intimate. Her positive approach to writing music makes her songs stand out and appeal to a wide audience. Eager to hear what more she has in store for her fans!

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