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Lauren Nikohl - Energy
Lauren Nikohl - Energy

Lauren Nikohl – Energy | Celestial

Minnesota-born indie singer-songwriter, Lauren Nikohl, recently released a genre-transcending electronic record titled, “Energy”. Nikohl draws inspiration from bands such as Muse, Tame Impala, Queen, and Daft Punk, while also incorporating hints of otherworldliness into her melancholic EDM sound. She’s currently making music in Los Angeles, and is working towards her first full-length album, “Ascend”.

The 4:44-minute-long track starts with an energetic synth bassline that drives the groove along with drums fused with electronic beats. It’s interesting how there are multiple unique fills in the transitions between most of the bars. The song is produced quite complexly yet isn’t too overwhelming on the ears.

Nikohl’s soulful vocals have an impeccable tone on “Energy” –reminiscent of Amy Lee. Her voice here is very moving and evokes powerful emotions. Nikhol sings with all her heart about how energy never dies on this track – as a part of her mission, her lyrics explore universal consciousness and self-awareness.

Synth arpeggios fill up the stereo field of the track together with some pads and airy harmonies that fill the soundstage with an ethereal and spiritual vibe. The pre-chorus section of “Energy” has a distinct change in volume which almost sounds like someone has turned the gain knob down and back up again for the drop!

Featuring great vocals, dynamic beats, and lush dynamics, “Energy” strikes me as being a celestial EDM record that has the potential to be appreciated by a wide audience.

Listen to “Energy” by Lauren Nikohl on Spotify!

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