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Strange Unit-Turbulence
Strange Unit-Turbulence
Strange Unit-Turbulence

Strange Unit-Turbulence | Bedlam

There is pursuit for the heaviest guitar sound. Though the baseline is set by Tony Iommi in several Sabbath albums, the trick is to not amp up the distortion, volume, or the gain to the maximum. It is to aid the guitar sound with electronic synth. Luckily for you metalheads out there, Strange Unit have done just that.

Combining the blind fury of Deftones in White Pony & FFDP’s Jason Hook’s hooks, Turbulence is probably exactly what you thought it would be. It is sonic disturbance in the air, but instead of giving you palpitations, it is an immediate adrenaline rush. The electro synths help accentuate the guitar, drums strafing through the track with stimuli of Rise Against, Billy Talent & the likes.

The track initiates with drums- which is an instant recipe for success in my opinion. It floods the soundscape, while a tornado of distorted guitar & vocals relentlessly take over. Deepening the chaos, The Australian group absolutely grind through the song. Using track lengths of punk groups, they excavate a mineshaft of sound, where synths and guitars echo while the drums pound away.

The solution is very simple. You’ve got a long day ahead & no time for a coffee break. Plug into your best sound system & prepare for demolition, for Strange Unit bring in caffeine laced with cocaine with their impressive energy. And yes, buckle up for turbulence.

Fly at your own risk with the track here:

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