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Benjamin Corson | The Ritual | Psychedelic Non-Dualism | Intrumental
Benjamin Corson | The Ritual | Psychedelic Non-Dualism | Intrumental

Benjamin Corson – The Ritual | Psychedelic Non-dualism

No matter who you are, where you are from or what you do, we are all connected! We are all one.

This is a non-dualist concept of life that offers one of the most believable meanings of life. One that every religion and culture around the world tend to talk about. The fact that we are all one. Different parts of the one, experiencing different things. Just like the cells that make up our body are all individually having different experiences but are collectively, just us! If there was ever a way that music could convey this to you, it would be through this wonderful new track by Benjamin Corson. Psychedelic Non-Dualism in the making!

What starts off with some aboriginal didgeridoo, slowly has layers of different instruments added on. Instruments from various cultures. As the track progresses, you can hear an introduction through a voice. A voice that has the right effects to make it sound ethereal. This is psychedelic music at its finest. The layering of the sounds is just perfect! In the beginning you will notice shakers on your left and the didgeridoo on your right. This creates a lot of space for other elements and makes every sound clear and evident. Top notch mixing skills.

The track progresses into Benjamin’s strong point – guitar solos. The whole track seems to revolve around his guitar work after this. With nice sweeping atmospheres and a drum pattern that just takes you along a journey through the psychedelic non-dualism, in world of Benjamin Corson. The guitar has a very nice reverb effect that makes it sound very distant and ethereal. The crashes and bells are there all along, giving you a rich cultural experience all the way.  You can hear very quaint elements and samples all along this amazing journey of a track, like vocal samples of people chanting, traditional instruments and some really psychedelic synth sounds that just transport you to a mystic world with flying carpets where anything is possible!

Nothing beats the guitar as it acts like the alchemical fuel that just fuses all the other ingredients together to make this wonderful track a ritualistic experience of Benjamin’s world of psychedelic non-dualism! The track just keeps getting deeper and deeper as the listener spirals farther and farther into the depths of this abyss. The sounds are just bleeding the story that Benjamin wants to tell. I could even say that this is audio story telling taken to a whole new level. With crashes and risers signifying the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one, this psychedelic audio story is something that I will never forget!

“The music sounds are a mirror to my own spiritual quest, through my life experiences and sensations: joy, anger,, loneliness, love, hate, envy, fears…”

– Benjamin Corson

What is even happening in this track? Am I losing my mind? It just all spirals into a bassline that just blasts you out of space (or spice, if you know what I mean). Benjamin presents to his listeners, a journey into the secret unreal surroundings of insanity, created under the influence of unknown forces while receiving information from the guardian entities of an unknown sun! Amazing how the concept of non-dualism is pouring out through this track. Non-dualism is the recognition that underlying the multiplicity and diversity of experience there is a single, infinite and indivisible reality, whose nature is pure consciousness, from which all objects and selves derive their apparently independent existence.

I’m sure that Benjamin has made a deal with the Devil. To be able to create such worlds through music is a power only wielded by a select few. Almost like a super power. Absolutely amazing album with a depth that puts most other music to shame in that regard!

“We all have rituals in our lives. Some are mundane (like having a coffee in the morning), some are more meaningful and significant” – Benjamin Corson speaking about the inspiration for this track!


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