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Linda Sussman-Shake It Loose Today
Linda Sussman-Shake It Loose Today
Linda Sussman-Shake It Loose Today

Linda Sussman-Shake It Loose Today | An overdose of joy

Linda Sussman can blur the worlds of reality and dreams. Her vocal control and instrumental prowess leans on creativity and simplicity, true songwriting skills. Her 2022 album defines this quality best, called Shake It Loose Today. Let’s see the 9 reasons why she’s an underrated indie gem.

Chain of Hope shows her Joni Mitchell like voice, while using rich, engaging instrumentals. The track is a personification of a dreamcatcher, and resonates with joy and promise, things the world aches for. The instrumentals never overshadow her operatic range and performance, creating an escapist heaven.

The title track is the second one, moving to a blues sludge. Is it a perfect bar gig opener? You bet your quirky quote drink coaster that it is. Her vocals, like water, change to suit the blues groove and style, with little to no effort. The blues guitar adds the sparkles and shine the track needs. Will You Hold My Hand tips the scales with gracious transition skill. Once again, we swim in the clouds of verse versatility that Linda Sussman brings to her songs.

Dance in the sun

Honey We Gonna Fly is the slow blues jam that you would sing along to. It has an inherent rhythm, so it lands on all fours as an acoustic. The song is fun, a bit sentimental-but has the devilish playfulness that Linda shows with her blues tracks. The interpretation she has through her unique voice is something magical and rare. Movin’ up Neck on Your Guitar merges that proverbial line between blues and folk. She melts the line with her efficient lyrics and vocals, along with some nice harmonics. You can almost hear your thumb snap along with the track.

So far, this album has had a healthy mix of folksy, bluesy tracks that create new, different grooves. Linda Sussman nails it with her vocals, she truly carries the show. The instrumentals provided by her band know that they are the fantastic green screen to her bold charisma. The Light Moves In is a highlight reel of the kind of proficiency she has to navigate, circumvent or sometimes even cut through complex changes like it’s her daily bread and butter.

With fluidic simplicity

Déjà vu brings the southern dirt, but with the refreshing golden sun that accompanies it. Some of the densest, full sounding chords are part of this song, which Linda Sussman creates sweet, enamouring lyrics for. The guitar frills for this track are grand, they put a step and a spark along with a continuity for Linda’s vocals. A Better Scene is the long walk track that you’d put on while having a smile on your face. You can almost share the nostalgia with her, thoroughly impinging the sound she has marketed with her beautiful voice.

Dream Big closes out this album, with more than a flood of positivity. It has a different tone, especially the progression having a darker, minor scale kind of tang to it. Linda just shows us how approaching songs with love and care can make them so special, and unique. Her vocals are exemplary, and transformative. She brings about a manifestation of joy, that reminds you why you fell in love with music. Listen to her album here:

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