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Liam Wakefield - You Made Me Something More | Love Odes
Liam Wakefield - You Made Me Something More | Love Odes

Liam Wakefield – You Made Me Something More | Love Odes

A Sussex-based army veteran, ardent singer-songwriter, and former NHS therapist, Liam Wakefield, is an inspiring multifaceted figure. He seeks solace in music and has done so in difficult and challenging times, and his ingenuity is palpable through his art. This time, he has released a stunning single called You Made Me Something More. 

The song is a gorgeous, utterly enchanting love ode that flows effortlessly and becomes larger than life while listening. Euphoric sounds make a pleasant canopy that lifts your spirits effortlessly. The song feels like a blessing to the ears because of its rich, acoustic, indie vibe that would sound heavenly to indie music listeners. A pinch of folk sprinkled perfectly adds to its artistic qualities and makes the song totally worthwhile. 

While listening to the song, I noticed how well the vocals and music go together. Wakefield’s voice adds a little poignance and also elevates the peaceful quality of the soundscapes. The vocals may sound simple but are quite nuanced and thought-out. Great sounds work like magic on the listener and this song is surely something that will do just that. 

Production of the song has been kept minimal yet classic and profound. On listening to the song a few times, you would realize that the song is perfect the way it is and you wouldn’t have it any other way. It hits the right chords in you, makes you emotional in just the right way, and leaves you with a heartwarming sensation, something that soothes not only your ears but your soul as well!

Listen to the song right here:

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