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BUKVE & Firewoodisland- Let me go Son
BUKVE & Firewoodisland- Let me go Son
BUKVE & Firewoodisland- Let me go Son

BUKVE & Firewoodisland- Let me go Son | Captivate

Some songs are reminders of times that have passed, memories that have been forgotten and lessons that have been learnt. Some are of unbreakable bonds. BUKVE & Firewoodisland collaborate to create a haunting enigma of echoic music.

Let me go Son is a song that reverberates old elements of Hozier & Bon Iver for an acoustic garland of reverberation. It is a new and strange journey-sentimental, sentient yet understanding of emotional baggage and what you can claim from it. The song is pitch perfect in reverb and uses the vocals to translate the effervescent message. It is a learning of loss that all of us can comprehend during these difficult times.

BUKVE creates true sonic landscapes with his delay and echo, using it as efficient tools. Firewoodisland, famous for their popular track Forever Young repeat the genius, brandishing the space with their resounding lyrics and mellow sound. The song is a beautiful homage to understanding the value & learning from the past- towards a better future.

Using the slow beat to keep the listener connected in a way throughout the track is a good technique, without overpowering the sentiment or initial effort or the chain of thought used.

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