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Slipknot New EP Craig Jones
Slipknot New EP Craig Jones

Breaking: Slipknot Drops Impromptu EP Amidst Keyboardist Craig Jones’ Departure

Slipknot, the renowned metal band, is facing a period of uncertainty after the departure of keyboardist and sampler Craig Jones. However, the group remains undeterred and is forging ahead with an exciting new EP titled “Adderall.”

This new release by the heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa, follows their previous EP, “The End, So Far,” which came out last year, as well as their standalone single from 2023, “Bone Church.”

“Adderall” promises to offer a fresh musical experience for Slipknot fans, with a collection of alternate versions, including tracks without an intro, rough demos, and instrumental versions. Additionally, the EP will feature three non-album songs: “Death March,” “Red Or Redder,” and “Hard To Be Here.”

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What truly piques interest are the two captivating new music videos accompanying the EP. The videos for “Memories (Adderall – Rough Demo)” and “Death March” were both directed by the talented M. Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan. Known for his artistic vision and unique approach, Clown stated, “Deconstructing to continuously pave the way for evolution. At this point in the program, nothing is safe.” His words hint at a desire to push boundaries and explore new creative avenues with Slipknot’s music and visual expression.

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While the departure of a nearly three-decades-old member may have left fans uncertain about the band’s future, Slipknot has always been a band known for their fearless exploration of music and performance art, and vows to come back stronger. In conclusion, with “Adderall,” it seems the alternative nu-metal giants are determined to push their artistic boundaries even further.

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