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Dave Mohan – For Polina: Till Tears Run Dry | Cinematic

Dave Mohan, the accomplished pianist, music producer, and songwriter, has long been celebrated for his classical jazz productions, with fan-favorite tracks such as “Tears and Ashes” and “See Through Lives” solidifying his reputation as a master of the genre. But with his latest release, “For Polina: Till Tears Run Dry,” Mohan demonstrates an impressive versatility, showcasing a sound that seamlessly blends soulful vocals, dreamy instrumentation, and a palpable sense of emotion.

Clocking in at nearly five minutes, “For Polina: Till Tears Run Dry” takes listeners on a cinematic journey through both lush and mellow soundscapes, evoking the wistful, dreamlike quality of a lost era. Mohan’s introspective storytelling shines through as he touches on themes of love, loss, poverty, social outcasts, and loneliness. And yet, despite these weighty topics, the track manages to evoke a sense of hope and inspiration, painting a picture of a world reimagined.

The production on “For Polina: Till Tears Run Dry” is nothing short of extraordinary, with the vocals sitting exquisitely in the mix and the instrumentation weaving together to create a spellbinding effect. This is a track that showcases Mohan’s artistry and musicianship, proving that he is a force to be reckoned with, regardless of genre.

Overall, Dave Mohan’s latest record is another stellar addition to his impressive discography, and it’s clear that the veteran musician is on the cusp of even greater things. With over 20 singles and an EP under his belt since 2016, it’s only a matter of time before Dave Mohan is selling out concert halls and opera theatres around the world.

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