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Untold River - Sleeping City Cowboy
Untold River - Sleeping City Cowboy

Untold River – Sleeping City Cowboy

Untold River is the debut solo project from songwriter, Ciaran Egan, beginning with Sleeping City Cowboy. After having spent most of his life in the background of bands, Egan has finally found his way to the spotlight to find his sound and song. Blending his old compositions with new and fresh accents, this debut single is truly stunning.

The song hits the ground running with lush leaves of electric guitar melodies accentuating the soundscape. It’s as if you are consumed by the country spirit as the melodies flow with lavish blue emotions. Doing magical things, the track expands the hue to display its range and beauty. It’s as fresh as blue morning skies, as deep as aquamarine lakes, as bold as royal blue suits, and as amicable as powder blue vintage cars.

The chords and vocal arrangement are exquisite. And, the artist enlists orchestral violin melodies and synth clouds to dissolve the guitar melodies in. Blossoming with a cinematic appeal, we journey into caves of nostalgia and rivers of melancholy. The warm baritones are reminiscent of crackling fireplaces on cold nights, gleaming like orbs of light against the melodies that are resolved to drag you into a slumber.

The musical quality of the track speaks for itself. It absorbs and engages the mind thoroughly. After a point, you find yourself lost in a beautiful world of country melodies that becomes yours to cherish. Full of heart and soul, the song makes for an excellent first track.

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