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ghosts and leviathan – GEEK TRAGEDY
ghosts and leviathan – GEEK TRAGEDY

ghosts and leviathans – GEEK TRAGEDY | Insane Sonic Experimentation

ghosts and leviathans, the experimental art pop project from London, the United Kingdom, has released a stunning eclectic electronic experimental album GEEK TRAGEDY. ghosts and leviathans is the solo project of producer, vocalist, and songwriter Matthew Deane who is both Irish and English, having been raised Irish and currently based out of London. Matthew is a pianist and music educationist as well. Experimentation and innovation are at a high level here. We get to hear some Emily Dickinson, covers of classical “Lieder” songs, electronic pop drops, and clarinet!

The album begins with the first track “tears in my mouth”. The song with a music box like sound. The riff on the music box then subtly transforms into a piano line. Vocals by ghosts and leviathans are pleasing, calm, and emotive at the same time. The mood changes with the third song “sorry”. The beat is dirty and down while the bass is as gritty. We get to hear some light string section synths and a plethora of interesting synth sounds. The song concludes with a stunning electronic section. “in my head”, the fourth track, is another trippy eclectic electronic song. The sixth song “paranoia” has a great middle “chorus” section whose electronic chorus and transposing is mind-boggling and amazing. A highlight of the record. The album concludes with the songs, goethe’s nocturne and peace, the seventh and eight tracks on a high note.

GEEK TRAGEDY is an industrial-styled art pop song with colossal synthesizers, dramatic soundscapes, digital product production, and abrupt changes. ghosts and leviathans manages to create a diverse mosaic of innovative sound. He mixes dream pop, classical music, industrial noise, and electronic music. This music challenges you and gives you a cerebral fix and kick, pushing the listener forward in their capacity to contemplate and consume aural art. This is unconventional, genre defying, boundary pushing experimentation at its best.

The album is a musical explosion that features a wide range of solid musicianship and creative inventiveness. It is a complex and nuanced synthesis of genres. The unorthodox harmonies and chord progressions on this album are its high point. This is blended with the production’s diversity of tones. Unquestionably an unusual musical experience, Blunt Blade. Your attention is riveted as you wait impatiently for what comes next.

The record is part of the best tradition of musical innovation akin to Trout Mask Replica but catchier and with more hooks. Matthew manages to serve us some stunningly beautiful chaos with this record. We get a stunning and creative use of Great use of vocoder and vocal effects, mastering that form of expression. With GEEK TRAGEDY, ghosts and leviathans pushes the boundaries of possible electronic production sounds and combine them with good lyricism and songwriting.

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